Environmental Information:

Being a rural business, located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by fields, it's very difficult not to be aware of our responsibilities to the environment.

recycleRecycling - We encourage all our guests to recycle their household waste and we provide bins to separate out the different materials. In West Dorset we have local collections for glass, paper and cans. We collect any plastic bottles independently and take them to a central 'bank' when we have a car load.

Composting - We have composting facilities on site, each cottage having a 'compost basket'. Suitable kitchen scraps can be put on our compost heap or fed to the chickens.Woodburning Stove

Energy - All the cottages have modern gas fired central heating with thermostatically controlled radiators. The boilers heat hot water as required so there is no storage of hot water in tanks. You are in full control of how much gas you use. We have fitted low energy lightbulbs where possible. The cottages are all fully double glazed to the latest specification. We have fitted cast iron woodburning stoves in three of the cottages. Burning wood is considered to be 'carbon neutral'.

Rainwater - We have a rainwater harvesting system from the water butts around the site. The water from the butts is pumped to large holding tanks using a battery powered pump, the batteries being charged by a solar panel. The same pump is used to pump water from the tanks to water the garden and vegetable patch. Excess energy from the solar panel provides enough power to light our kitchen.

Eco FriendlyCleaning - We use eco friendly cleaning products when cleaning the cottages in between lets, and we leave these products for you to use during your stay. Where possible we re-fill the household containers from bulk containers. We use Ecover, Bio D, Natural House etc. The cottages all have water softeners fitted which prolong the life of the boilers and reduce considerably the amounts of cleaning products and detergents used.

Consumables - For your arrival, we provide toilet paper and kitchen roll made from re-cycled paper. We also have a rolling programme of replacing our towels and bedding with products made from organic cotton and/or natural fibres. We use all re-cycled paper for our office supplies.

Local Produce - We provide a folder of information in each cottage on local food producers, farm shops and farmers markets. Bird Box

Wildlife - We put out bird feeders to encourage birds to the gardens and we have a list in each cottage of the birds that have been seen here. We welcome you to add any new names to this list! The bank around the site is only cut twice each year to encourage seed feeders and butterflies.